Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Are YOU a Sharpie Fanatic LIKE ME?

Oh my goodness, I have to tell you about the goodies I got in the mail from the fabulous people at Shoplet. I have loved Sharpies forever, but I am so excited to share some of their newest things with you! 

First up, the Neon Sharpies are fantastic! My students love for me to check their papers with these markers because they love the colors! They are just as wonderful as the other Sharpies you have grown to love. They fit perfect in my hand and are not too heavy! My only complaint, if there was one, is I wish they did not bleed through on papers that are copied front and back. Yuck. However, I learned some wonderful news....they are coming out with a set of markers that will not bleed through the paper! Yay! 

Also included in my review package was the Sharpie Premium Pen. Now let me just tell you, this pen is a dream and it fit perfectly in my hand too!  I wrote thank you notes to students that purchased a book for our class from the Book Fair. I was so excited-I have found a pen that writes smooth and does not smudge! Wow, great pen without a doubt. 


Last, I also got to review the Sharpie Metallic Fine Point Markers. Well, who would have thought a gold or silver marker would show up so bright? Check out the writing on the black paper...awesome! I had my doubts because I have tried to use paint pens but they just do not show up as well. I already know these will be perfect when my students make crafts for Mother's Day...I will definitely be buying several sets of these.  Another perfect marker indeed! 

                Don't forget, Shoplet also has promotional                       productspromotional shirts, and office stationary!

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Smead Product Review

I was thrilled when I was contacted by to do a review of some Smead Products! 

I have to say all 3 of the items I received were just what I needed to organize my math assessments and gather data. 

The first item up, is Smead SuperTab Heavyweight file folders.   The first thing I noticed about them was how big the tab was and I just loved that! I mean I would actually be able to fit a large label on the folders and see it. In the picture above, I put another regular size tab file folder so I could show you the difference in with the Smead SuperTab file folder. The difference is amazing! These are great. I do wish they would make them in more colors. I use 4 colors (red, blue, green, yellow) so I can easily keep my student assessments and data separated by subject area (reading, writing, math and social studies/science). 

The next item I reviewed were the Smead FasTab Hanging File Folders. I have to say these hanging file folders are so nice! The reinforced construction makes them perfect to reuse, durable and they will hold up longer. They already have the tab on them so we I did not have to mess with any plastic tabs! Less work for me and I love that! 

 I have saved the BEST for last in my opinion! I also got to review a Smead Easy Grip Pocket. I have to tell you, this pocket is fantastic! The neat thing about it, is it requires less gripping to get it out of the file box because it is designed with patented Easy Grip to provide twice as much grip when I need to grab it in a hurry. I definitely will be ordering more of these to use in my classroom. 

I hope you are able to get a chance to try out some of these products from Smead! is a great way to shop online and get great products for your classroom or home! You can purchase all types of products from including office suppliespromotional shirtspromotional items and office stationary

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Medline Product Review

I was recently contacted by to do a review on 4 new Medline products. I figured what would this hurt? It would be a win, win situation for me, IF I liked the products! Well, great news! I loved all 4 of the products that were sent to me. 

First up, I used the cleansing foam. I have to tell you this stuff was wonderful! It has a bit of a scent, but nothing overpowering. It went on and came off like a dream. It was a great way to start and end my day for sure!

Next, I tried Nourishing Moisturizer and it was perfect! I used this following the cleansing foam. I can tell you now that I am not a fan of greasy or sticky things, especially on my face. This moisturizer did just what it was supposed to do. My face felt clean and moist! I followed the moisturizer with the hydrating moisturizer. Oh boy, you have no idea how silky and smooth it made my skin feel! My skin tends to get dry and with this cold weather, this hydrating moisturizer definitely helped to make my skin feel just the opposite. 

My make up went on so smooth and I know it was because I had applied these 3 products to my face prior to putting on make up. None of the products made my face feel sticky or greasy. It was just the opposite-smooth and silky! 

Finally, I was sent the flushable wipes. These arrived at the perfect time of the month for me. They were easy for to put in my purse and freshen up while at work each day. 

Thank you for contacting me to do a review of your wonderful Medline personal products. I am so glad I finally found some new things for my personal care. They are all affordable and well worth the money! As a teacher, I feel like I am always in a hurry, but I didn't mind spending a few extra minutes to pamper myself before heading off to work! is a great place that you can use to buy not only personal care items, but they also office products, office stationary and promotional products  so you can advertise your business to others.  You can learn more about and follow them on facebook, twitter  and instagram, Pinterest to name a few. 

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Monday, August 5, 2013

What a Day!

Hi friends,

Today has been such a difficult day for me! My dad has Parkinson's. He was diagnosed in 2008. This is a HORRIBLE disease but I do have to remind myself it could be worse. My mom called me at 9:30 this morning and his blood pressure had been so low that the doctor's office said she needed to call 911. Well, she didn't know what to I am like I am getting in the shower, call them and I will be right down there. Lucky for me they live approximately 3 minutes away. My daddy is 76 years old and has never been to the hospital before so he was scared to death-bless I can take almost anything except to see my daddy cry! We followed the ambulance and got there around 11:00. They did all kinds of tests on him and they all turned out great-ekg, ct scan, blood tests and urinalysis....however, they did have to put in a cath so hopefully that will help him and the meds will be tweaked. We were home around 3:45 so it was such an emotional day. We will follow up with a urologist this week.  All we can do is pray. If you believe in the power of prayer, please remember him! 

I know this posts sound so pitiful me but I do love my daddy for sure! I am a daddy's girl from way back! Here is a picture of us at a wedding of close friends. He looks great but his blood pressure just is all over the place so that gives him trouble. He also has the tremors in his right hand but they have been using botox to help with that. 

My sister, Mom, Daddy and Me
My sister, Mom, Daddy, Me,  Johnny-my hubbie, Meg-my neice, and Zackary-my nephew

Now I also wanted to share some great news. There are so many fabulous, generous and wonderful bloggers out there that are having giveaways for us teachers! Yay! I love to win things for my classroom!

Lisa from Growing Firsties is having a fabulous giveaway! You need to go enter for sure, right now! There will be 5 different things for you to enter! 

A fabulous group of teachers is having a Back to School BASH! Talk about a big party! You have to go enter................there are lots of goodies you can win!


Kindergarten Squared is having a fantastic giveaway too! If you teach Kindergarten, this will be a great things to win! My fingers are crossed!

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday, July 21, 2013

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day~

Happy Mother's Day to all you fabulous Moms....I am so thankful for my precious mother who has helped shape me into the mother, wife, and teacher that I am today!

Not sure if you have seen this before, but I played it during my class Mother's Day program and they loved it...I have a feeling you will too! Just click here and enjoy!

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