Monday, October 27, 2014

Neenah Astrobrights Paper Review!

Oh boy, oh boy! I was absolutely thrilled when I was contacted by to review some of the Neenah Astrobrights Paper! I was in heaven when that box arrived. My mind went wild thinking of all the wonderful things my students and I can do with this colorful paper! 

First up, I have to tell you about this fantastic color card stock! (In the picture it is on the right side.) The paper is just wonderful! The colors are awesome and bright. One of the things I did with this paper is write letters in black paint and make signs for the students to hold up and spell Thank You Donors! I have had lots of projects funded at and I knew this would be bright and stand out in the pictures! 

The next pack of paper I received was this pretty and colorful copy paper. (In the picture, it is on left side.)  With this paper, we made a birthday book and crown for one of the students that celebrated his birthday. The book was filled with colorful happy birthday wishes for him to enjoy! 

Not only does offer office supplies, they also offer promotional productsmedical supplies, and office stationary!

I hope you will decide to try out these great paper products! I have a feeling you are just going to LOVE them too! Feel free to share your thoughts!

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