Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Are YOU a Sharpie Fanatic LIKE ME?

Oh my goodness, I have to tell you about the goodies I got in the mail from the fabulous people at Shoplet. I have loved Sharpies forever, but I am so excited to share some of their newest things with you! 

First up, the Neon Sharpies are fantastic! My students love for me to check their papers with these markers because they love the colors! They are just as wonderful as the other Sharpies you have grown to love. They fit perfect in my hand and are not too heavy! My only complaint, if there was one, is I wish they did not bleed through on papers that are copied front and back. Yuck. However, I learned some wonderful news....they are coming out with a set of markers that will not bleed through the paper! Yay! 

Also included in my review package was the Sharpie Premium Pen. Now let me just tell you, this pen is a dream and it fit perfectly in my hand too!  I wrote thank you notes to students that purchased a book for our class from the Book Fair. I was so excited-I have found a pen that writes smooth and does not smudge! Wow, great pen without a doubt. 


Last, I also got to review the Sharpie Metallic Fine Point Markers. Well, who would have thought a gold or silver marker would show up so bright? Check out the writing on the black paper...awesome! I had my doubts because I have tried to use paint pens but they just do not show up as well. I already know these will be perfect when my students make crafts for Mother's Day...I will definitely be buying several sets of these.  Another perfect marker indeed! 

                Don't forget, Shoplet also has promotional                       productspromotional shirts, and office stationary!

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