Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kleinspiration............Class Connect

Kleinspiration is hosting a giveaway with Class Connect. You need to check this out because there are some great things waiting for you on the site!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More Giveaways

Peterson's Primary Peeps-have you visited this cute blog? I think you'll want to head on over there and enter her giveaway! So cute and I feel sure everybody would be able to use this in their classroom!

Down Under Teacher is giving away a giftcard to TpT or Amazon! You get to pick which one you want! Cool, huh?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Giveaways to enter!

Miss King at Queen of the First Grade Jungle is having a banner giveaway! I love the banners and would love to be the winner! It ends Sunday at 10 p.m.

First Grade Fresh: Giveaway and New Math Workstation! You can win a copy of her Dot cards for math stations. The giveaway ends on Wednesday, so be sure to check it out!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Confession Friday!

Well, I realize this is Saturday, but I stumbled upon Jennifer's post at Empowering Little Learners and just couldn't resist posting. I guess you could say I got a bit carried away..........but I would love to have some feedback/suggestions/help on whether this has happened to you or if you can share some things you would do. I love my job and I totally am such a teacher nerd! LOL, I figured I would just copy my post here so hopefully if you feel the urge to offer some help just post it here! (It is long and I feel like I just rambled, but I do need some help!)

Before you read ALL of my confessions, this will be my 18th year........I taught K my first year and then taught first for the past 16 years. LOL okay, here goes my list of confessions:

1. I truly feel like a first year teacher running around with my head cut off and I feel like my mind is having a race to see what I can forget first!

2. I confess I have some of the sweetest kids and I can't wait to get started on my new adventure with them!!

3. I confess to already spotting my rounders after the 2 phase in days. We break them in 2 groups and they come from 8:30-11:00 on two different days. I don't like to do that and I am trying my hardest to make sure I don't label those kids.

4. I confess I feel like I am going to pull my hair out because I have wayyyyyy too many kids in a room. Currently I have 27 but had 29. How many students can you guys have in your classrooms? My principal is wonderful and she has done all she can for right now-have to wait to hear from the county which could be up to 40 days-all 5 of the K classes are this big or bigger! YIKES!

5. I confess I cannot wait for the new 2 K teachers to be hired so I can prepare for the kids that I will have this year in my class. I haven't put names on things like BEE Books or the bags I use to send home nightly reading books. I have had parents tell me as well to please make sure their child gets to stay in my room! Bless, I don't even know how they will decide who moves or stays.

Would love to have some feedback/help if this is familiar to any of you! I love my job and the lack of sleep-I have been getting up at 4:30 AM every morning because my nerves of what in the world I am going to do! Please help and send suggestions for me! I am only 40 and I feel like I am about 60! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Number of students and Grade Level T-shirts

Well, hello Thursday night.............I am about beat! Today I had 12 of my 28 Kindergarten students at school. Tomorrow I will have the rest of them come. All of the 5 Kindergarten classes have at least 28 or 30 students in each class. Have you all seen a rise in the number of students beginning Kindergarten? Hopefully we will get 1 or 2 more K teachers. The first grade classes also have 28 or 29 students-there are 4 first grade classes...............wow, we cannot figure out where all the kids are coming from!

Also, I would love to hear about some places that sell t-shirts for teachers! We would love, love, love to order some for our K level. If you know of a place, will you please share? Of course we would love to find the best price-there are 10 teachers and assistants on our grade level so far.

 I am hoping to post pictures of my room before and after this weekend. I feel like I can't get much done b/c I have been worn out the past few days!   Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Giveaways for YOU!

Swimming into Second is giving away a giftcard to Teachers Pay Teachers! Whoo-hoo, I would so love to be the winner. Go check it out for sure!

Mrs. Parker is having a giveaway for a cd Learning with Hip Hop! You know your kiddos will love getting to sing and learn at the same time! Head on over to check it out!

Who Loves Dr. Seuss?

Check out her giveaway that ends Sept. 1!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Buzzin' on Cupcakes in 1st Grade!: Fabulous Fifty Giveaway!!!

Buzzin' on Cupcakes in 1st Grade!: Fabulous Fifty Giveaway!!!: HELLO!!! I have missed y'all so much!!! Oh my word, have I been busy workin' in this classroom and it looks BEEautiful!!! I will post pictur...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Giveaways to enter!

Kelly at Kelly's Avenue Designs is giving away a full blog! I would love to win this one for sure! The giveaway ends Wed, August 31, so don't forget to enter!

Mrs. Lee is having a giveaway! My friend, Kim Jordano, from kinderbykim.com and I are teaming up to do another GIVEAWAY! I am so very excited about her new Rock and Roll Word Family packet. Listen to this!  This packet includes 18 darling fill in the blank pages to practice word families. Students just roll cubes to build words! The pages are adorable!All you need are the cubes and a sharpie and your students will be ready to "Rock and Roll"!

Hopping into First Grade: 1st Giveaway!: "Whew! I am beyond tired!!! I spent 5 hours in my classroom today and it still looks like a tornado hit my room. Hence, the lack of picture..."

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mrs. Albanese's Kindergarten Class: The G-R-E-A-T Giveaway!

Frolicking Through First: 100 Followers!: "Whoo Hoo! I reached 100 followers! I felt like I was stuck on 97 followers for years...okay, maybe a tad bit dramatic. Since I have final..."

.: My First Giveaway !: "Hi Everyone! I would love to have 50 followers by the time I go back to school in September. So I'm going to give away a tub full of Hallo..."
Mrs. Albanese's Kindergarten Class: The G-R-E-A-T Giveaway!: "This is BIG news..... Come one, come all and enter this awesome contest! If you teach K-2, you most definitely need to get your hands on th..."

Christina from Mrs. Bainbridge's Class is giving away some things to help keep you organized! Who doesn't need more help with that? I am keeping my fingers crossed tight for this great stuff!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Check Out These Giveaways!

Maggie's Kinder Corner Blog: Another Journal Giveaway Did You Say??? Yes, you "...: "be giving followers of my blog another chance at winning all four CCSS Math Journals, and August-January Calendar Journals. Five people wil..."

The Teaching Thief: EXPO Marker Giveaway!: "Hooray for 50 followers! Let's celebrate with a give-away! Whoo-hoo! Getting online this summer and finding the world of teacher blogging ..."

Kinders on the Block: Birthday Giveaway and Linky Party: "My birthday is coming up and ever since I started blogging this summer I have wanted to do a giveaway and a linky party. I just never though..."

creating and teaching: Adorable Badge Clip Giveaway!: "Here's something that has been in the back of mind forever to make and I've had the materials to do it just haven't gotten around to it. ID ..."

Third Grade Meanderings: Whoot Whoot GIVEAWAY TIME!: "I absolutely love this teacher-bloggy world of ours! I am inspired daily by everyone's ideas. To celebrate now having 300 wonderful follo..."

The Weekly Hive: 100 Followers = GIVEAWAY!!!: "Last week when I got on to blog about my classroom pictures I was so happy to see that I had met my 100 followers. Thanks to all my foll..."

Does the Clean Desk Fairy visit your classroom?

I found the cutest idea to help my students SEE what it means to keep their work space at their table clean. I was browsing Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade Tidbits the other day and found a neat idea-Clean Desk Fairy! She will use the book Pigsty, to help explain keeping a clean area. She also has precious cards that she shared for the "Clean Desk Fairy"! She also illustrated what a clean desk looks like. I have color coded group tables, but this idea will work! Thank you so much for sharing Mrs. Wheeler! I cannot wait to use this in my classroom this year. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Super giveaways!

Really Roper has teamed up with Frogs in First for her giveaway! She is giving away 1 item from each store to 3 different people! How cool is that? The winners will be announced August 18!

Jamie at What's The Buzz is giving away 2 sets of 2 magnets for your classroom. They are ultra cute!

Third Grade Bookworm is giving away 3 different interactive games from Lakeshore Learning! Yay! The giveaway ends Aug. 19 so be sure to check it out!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Giveaways Spotted!

Samantha at Oh, The Places We'll Go is hosting a giveaway. She is giving away a behavior clipchart to a lucky person. The giveaway ends Aug. 11.

Fabulous Firsties is giving away 2 scentsy bar scents to 2 followers. Giveaway ends August 14th!

Erin and Leslie at First Grade Fanatics are having a 14 days of summer giveaway! They are giving away new freebies for you each day to download! Be sure to check it out or you will be sorry!
They are also having a Back to School giveaway. Be sure to go and register for your chance to win!

Head on over to Teacher Tam's Educational Adventures for a giveaway where every one wins something! She is giving away a free item 5.00 or less to her TpT store and some lucky duck will win a cd with all her items from her TpT store! I sure hope that winner could be me!