Monday, August 5, 2013

What a Day!

Hi friends,

Today has been such a difficult day for me! My dad has Parkinson's. He was diagnosed in 2008. This is a HORRIBLE disease but I do have to remind myself it could be worse. My mom called me at 9:30 this morning and his blood pressure had been so low that the doctor's office said she needed to call 911. Well, she didn't know what to do....so I am like I am getting in the shower, call them and I will be right down there. Lucky for me they live approximately 3 minutes away. My daddy is 76 years old and has never been to the hospital before so he was scared to death-bless I can take almost anything except to see my daddy cry! We followed the ambulance and got there around 11:00. They did all kinds of tests on him and they all turned out great-ekg, ct scan, blood tests and urinalysis....however, they did have to put in a cath so hopefully that will help him and the meds will be tweaked. We were home around 3:45 so it was such an emotional day. We will follow up with a urologist this week.  All we can do is pray. If you believe in the power of prayer, please remember him! 

I know this posts sound so pitiful me but I do love my daddy for sure! I am a daddy's girl from way back! Here is a picture of us at a wedding of close friends. He looks great but his blood pressure just is all over the place so that gives him trouble. He also has the tremors in his right hand but they have been using botox to help with that. 

My sister, Mom, Daddy and Me
My sister, Mom, Daddy, Me,  Johnny-my hubbie, Meg-my neice, and Zackary-my nephew

Now I also wanted to share some great news. There are so many fabulous, generous and wonderful bloggers out there that are having giveaways for us teachers! Yay! I love to win things for my classroom!

Lisa from Growing Firsties is having a fabulous giveaway! You need to go enter for sure, right now! There will be 5 different things for you to enter! 

A fabulous group of teachers is having a Back to School BASH! Talk about a big party! You have to go enter................there are lots of goodies you can win!


Kindergarten Squared is having a fantastic giveaway too! If you teach Kindergarten, this will be a great things to win! My fingers are crossed!

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