Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Heavy Heart............

Last week, I lost a fabulous friend and my school lost an awesome librarian. I am coming to you all for ideas or suggestions! This lady was 45 years old, a wife, mom to 2 children-son that is 22 and daughter is 19. There is never a good time to lose someone and I can already tell you the whole staff is dreading the thoughts of going back and not seeing her smiling face in the library. She suffered from cancer-an 8 year battle-and it was just finally too much for her. My principal sent an email and asked for us to be thinking of ways we can honor her memory at school. Everyone loved her....it was truly the biggest funeral I have ever been to. Her faith and spirit were so strong. I was hoping you could give me some ideas of things I can share with the staff. I will keep you posted on what we decide to do~

Thank you so much!

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  1. I'm very sorry for your loss. It's never easy to lose someone we love. Two years ago, my school lost our business manager to a brain tumor and a student in a car accident. The school put two benches in front of the school with each one bearing a memorial plaque. A butterfly garden was also assembled in memorial of the student. This was completed by her girl scout troop.

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  2. Thank you Cindy! I will add your comments to my list!

  3. We have planted trees and benches in the past with a plaque. You could also name the library after her and have a plaque in the library.

    1. I am very sorry for your loss. It is never easy, and yet somehow more difficult when someone is that young.

  4. I am so sorry for you loss Kelly. I can't imagine how hard it will be for her family and your school. Maybe you could do something in the library to commemorate her.

    Sara :)
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  5. We lost one of our teachers to cancer a few years ago. A small scholarship was set up in her name that would go to a graduating senior each year. That senior had to have went to our elementary school (we have 4 elementary school's that feed into our one middle and high school). There is a plaque with her name and then nameplate of each year's winner. You could give the scholarship to a student who was pursuing some sort of literacy based profession since she was your librarian.

    So sorry about your loss...



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