Monday, April 23, 2012

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! We are going on a "zoo" type field trip tomorrow-it is a Tuesday! I really do not like taking field trips in the middle of the week. Actually I like going on field trips on Fridays since if parents want to join us, it might be better for them to be off on a Friday and also-field trips are exhausting! What day do you all usually go on field trips? My grade level didn't want to miss PE and Music since we have it on Friday....I guess majority ruled this year! Hopefully things can change next year! LOL

I stumbled across these giveaways and wanted to share them!

Ms. Jessica is celebrating 100 followers! Go check it out because it sure looks great! It ends Saturday, April 28!

Peace, Love and LearningPeace, Love & Learning is giving away 3 of her most popular items in her TpT store. It ends Friday, April 27th.

Alisha from The Bubbly Blonde and Teri from A Cupcake for the Teacher have teamed up for a sports themed giveaway! Enter the giveaway at Alisha site! It ends Friday, April 27!

  Heather from Kute Kinder Classroom has a new blog! She wants to giveaway copies of her Kindergarten Readiness Packet-sounds great! It ends May 7!

Teaching First
  Rebecca from Teaching First is giving away items from her tpT store! You can enter until Friday night!

Kindergarten Lifestyle   Jeannie from Kindergarten Lifestyle is giving away gift cards to Walmart! Who could use that? I know I could especially for the end of the year stuff and Mother's Day program! It ends in 3 days so hurry on over!

   Awesome in 1st is sooooooooo close to having 100 followers! They are giving away 3 different prizes for followers once they do reach 100. Go and help them out! Just click the link in red!

Button   Krista from Stellar Students has 200 followers! Congrats! She is giving away some neat things from her store and other places! It ends May 1!

Live 2 Learn
    Congrats on 100 followers! Ashley from Live to Learn is giving away a gift certificate to a lucky winner! It ends next Thursday!

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  1. Thanks for the giveaway shout-out, girl!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. Thanks so much for blogging about the giveaway!

  3. We took our field trip on Friday (last Friday to be exact!) We missed specials but it was nice for a change. I don't think I would like going in the middle of the week either! Field trips are super exhausting!

  4. Thanks for sharing the Giveaway information. Have fun on your field trip tomorrow... We go on one next Friday. I agree... I like Fridays better for field trips also. I"m so exhausted at the end that it's nice to know the weekend begins the next day.


  5. Thanks for blogging about my giveaway! I love Friday field trips as well, but it seems that everywhere we try to go is always book on Friday months in advance! We have a field trip on Wednesday this week and like you said... it's exhausting so I know Thursday and Friday are going to be rough!
    A Turn to Learn

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  7. Love your site! Sooo many great ideas! Thanks for sharing! I am new to blogging and it would be an honor for you to visit or join my site! I think blogging is my new hobby!

  8. Thank you for entering the Top Teachers Giveaway Galore. I'm glad you visited my blog. I can't wait until Friday when we reveal the winner.

  9. Thanks for sharing about my giveaway. I find field trips to be pretty stressful! I don't like the thought of a lot of people in one small area where I cannot keep an eye on each of my children! I am sure yours went well:)!


  10. Thanks so much for posting about my giveaway!! Great blog!! Now a follower!!



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