Friday, April 27, 2012

Finally....My Giveaway!

This post is long overdue; I apologize for this! I just don't  know what is wrong with me lately, other than i have too many things on my mind and it takes me forever to get somethings completed!

 For this giveaway, I wanted to get things that I love using myself in my classroom. I am sure you will see why when you see what you can win! Well, without further delay, three different winners will be chosen in this giveaway.

#1-A sign with shipping of your choice from the one and only Miss Kindergarten, Hadar! I am including 2 of the signs below. She has an etsy store-so go check it out to see even more! I have one of the countdown signs and we love it! (Please note, Hadar stated it might take 2 weeks before the sign is shipped and mailed.)

Summer Vacation Countdown    Wild About Your Classroom Sign                                      

Reading Writing Connection

#2 One person will win a set of 6 books by the fabulous author, Rozanne Williams. Her blog is  Reading Writing Connection-you must go and follow her! I love, love, love her books! When I contacted her about possibly helping with this giveaway, she was a definite YES! She sent the 6 books pictured and listed below and autographed them too! How cool is that?
    She writes some of the best books for kids! I honestly cannot brag enough on her and how well the books are written and how appropriately they are leveled. The winner will receive these book titles: Mr. Noisy's Helpers, Buttons, Buttons, The One and Only Special Me, What's Going On?, Orange For Orange Juice, and Who's Hiding?. You really will be very pleased with this set of books!

#3) Thanks so a sweet blogger buddy, Nicole from Rowdy in Room 300, she is helping me with my giveaway too. She is giving one of her fabulous units on TpT to a lucky winner! Her units are great and I know you would be thrilled to win one of them-I know I would! Be sure to go and follow her blog and check out her great stuff in her new TpT store! She has lots of freebies in her store and several units for sale. So far, her units include: Math Monsters, Farming for Math and Literacy, Spring Fever Math and Literacy, A Year of Ten Frames Worksheets, and Dinosaurs, Bugs, and Sea Creatures, Oh My! Math and Literacy Stations (preview shown below).

I am going to attempt to use rafflecopter; however, if it proves to be too difficult, then I will have to use the comment section-HOWEVER, I have turned off the verification thingy so you won't have to worry with that part!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Thank you for entering my giveaway and directing me to yours! I entered several times :)


  2. Love your giveaway....
    I accidentally checked that I blogged....I thought I was answering the the last question.....oops!! I don't blog....yet!!!
    Thanks for opportunity

  3. GREAT giveaway! I hope I can win something!

    Come visit my blog for a giveaway!


    MOORE Fun In Kindergarten

  4. Great giveaway.... I enjoyed reading your blog and I'm your newest follower...come by and visit me

    1. I dont know why but it shows as if i entered twice... sorry if that complicated anything...

  5. This is a fabulous giveaway!
    Jen's Kinder Kids
    Please stop by & visit! :)

  6. Thanks for hosting this cool giveaway. I hope I get to be your BIG winner :) I must admit I was drawn to your blog because my name is Kelley too . . . and my maiden name is Brown. CRAZY! Pop over for a visit if you get a chance - Kelly/Kelley Browns have to stick together.

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

  7. YAY!!! I'm so excited!


    Mandi Moore

  8. I am with Mandi, YAY!!! I too am so excited. Thank you for such a great prize. Thank you ladies so much sponsoring giveaways. I am not a blogger myself and am envious that you all find time to share with all of us. I am anticipating my sign for use next year.
    Thanks again


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