Monday, April 16, 2012

Boo! and I NEED HELP!

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! LOL, my Spring Break would be over too soon! Oh well, I guess that is the way the ball bounces, right? I'm sure my kiddos will come in feeling the same way-I just hope I don't have anybody that cries this morning....I might just have to sit down and cry with them! LOL, seriously, I do have two kiddos that tend to cry after a longer weekend about missing their mommies-I just tell them that I miss my mommy too but the good news is that they get to go home and see their mommy after school and I don't! They just look at me like I am crazy!

One more thing, I totally need some help from you guys! I would love for you to send me what your school/county uses for report cards AND interims-especially if they reflect the new common core standards.  I would be so very appreciative if you would share with me so I can forward it to my county advisors since both are going to replaced.

Look for my giveaway information tonight or tomorrow night! I apologize for it being so late-I left my camera at school over break and I wasn't feeling too antsy to go back and get it-isn't that awful? Have a great MONDAY-YUCK!

Jillian from Just Tinkerin' Around is having a Totally, Terrific, Tinkerin' Giveaway to celebrate her followers! She has some great items and I feel sure you would want to win them, just like me! It ends Wednesday, April 18th!

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