Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday...ONLY Monday?

     Gosh, today felt like it lasted 15 hours! Do you ever have days like that? We are in the midst of assessing our students for the 3rd 9 weeks. It takes so long to do assessments one on one. This time we also have to do a Running Record on the students. To be on grade level, they have to be reading on a level A or B; at the end of the year they have to read at least a level C. What does your county require from your students? 

     We had a great day today..............we decided as a grade level to celebrate St. Patrick's Day today since we had a half day on Thursday and a workday on Friday. Man, the kids were so excited to find the gold nuggets the leprechaun left for them! I did take pictures of the leprechaun traps on Friday.  I also took a picture of the small shoe and hat the leprechaun tends to get caught in two different traps! They love this. He left a note for us to please find his shoe and hat and if we leave them for him, he will leave a surprise treat for us! Guess what he is going to leave? Well the magic powder of course! LOL Check out some of the traps below. I was so proud 20 out of 24 students made a trap! They were all great-of course you always have those that go above and beyond-I love the simple ones just as much and always make a big deal out of all of them! Enjoy the pictures and I'll try to post more pictures on Wednesday from the fun things we did!

Oh and I have to tell you about Buggy for Second Grade's giveaway....she is going to give away 5 math center games. You leave a comment about what inspires you as a teacher. I loved reading all of the different comments people have left so far. But hurry, it ends Thursday!
Buggy for 2nd Grade 

Have a great Monday-off to watch The Voice! I love this show; not too bad that I love, love, love one of the judges on there too-such a cute country guy! Any guesses? 

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  1. Thanks for your advice on my blog. It helps.

    Our district says kids have to be at a C at the end of K as well.

    First in Maine


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