Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cute Posts Out There!

Primary Princesses
Primary Princesses: GIVEAWAY!!!: We are so excited! We are almost at 50 followers! We know it isn't much but we are so grateful for all of you and the support you have giv...

Jenn from Finally in First is having a Scholastic giveaway! If you have never used them in your classroom before, they are fantastic! If you are like me and your school does not provide funding for magazines for students, I have had to turn to alternative funding. I have written proposals at donorschoose for the past few years and my kiddos have loved them! This is definitely not a giveaway to miss! It ends March 7.  
Mrs. Poland from Think, Wonder & Teach has 50 followers! Yay, congrats, you go girl! LOL, anyway, she has two cute prizes to giveaway so be sure to go and check them out! It ends March 6.


  1. Thanks for posting about our giveaway! I now follow your blog as well. Congrats on being follower 50!

  2. Thanks for posting about my giveaway!! You are so sweet. =)

    Think, Wonder, & Teach


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