Thursday, August 25, 2011

Number of students and Grade Level T-shirts

Well, hello Thursday night.............I am about beat! Today I had 12 of my 28 Kindergarten students at school. Tomorrow I will have the rest of them come. All of the 5 Kindergarten classes have at least 28 or 30 students in each class. Have you all seen a rise in the number of students beginning Kindergarten? Hopefully we will get 1 or 2 more K teachers. The first grade classes also have 28 or 29 students-there are 4 first grade, we cannot figure out where all the kids are coming from!

Also, I would love to hear about some places that sell t-shirts for teachers! We would love, love, love to order some for our K level. If you know of a place, will you please share? Of course we would love to find the best price-there are 10 teachers and assistants on our grade level so far.

 I am hoping to post pictures of my room before and after this weekend. I feel like I can't get much done b/c I have been worn out the past few days!   Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday!


  1. The day before school I was switched to 1st grade because of low kindergarten numbers. Today (5th day of school) the 2 kindergarten classes are at 28 and 27 students! No decisions can be made until the 10th day of school, but most likely we will be authorized another K teacher - not sure if they will move me back to K and try to find a 1st grade teacher or just try to find a K teacher (K teachers need an Early Childhood cetification which fewer people have). I know some K teachers in our district with upwards of 30 kids (can you imagine?!) while others are sitting at 15! I guess it just depends on the area!
    My school orders our shirts from a local lady - it's easier to work with someone local, plus there are no shipping charges!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  2. I have 29 Kindergarteners in my class. We have 3 K classrooms with all having 28-29 students per class. I don't know if I can handle all 29! But we can do it!

    I forgot what blog I got it from but she did have printables for t-shirts for each grade level. All you need to do is print it on t-shirt paper and you are good to go!

  3. Where is your school!?! hahah, I want a job!!

  4. our numbers are up as well. I am only at 24 though, which is BIG for us. I am lucky in my district in that I also have a full time aid in my classroom. We have 2 K classes both at 24. I have been told to expect more during the first and second week of school...not sure where I will put them... I hope you get the opportunity to get at least one more teacher. I would also suggest getting your shirts locally. Might ask someone at the local high school-usually sports teams know where to get shirts cheap.

  5. For grade level t-shirts, look over at:

    On her Aug. 6th entry, she gives you free transfers to make your own
    t-shirts. She also made one for the 100th day of school. She's fantastic!

    ~ Amy


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