Sunday, August 14, 2011

Check Out These Giveaways!

Maggie's Kinder Corner Blog: Another Journal Giveaway Did You Say??? Yes, you "...: "be giving followers of my blog another chance at winning all four CCSS Math Journals, and August-January Calendar Journals. Five people wil..."

The Teaching Thief: EXPO Marker Giveaway!: "Hooray for 50 followers! Let's celebrate with a give-away! Whoo-hoo! Getting online this summer and finding the world of teacher blogging ..."

Kinders on the Block: Birthday Giveaway and Linky Party: "My birthday is coming up and ever since I started blogging this summer I have wanted to do a giveaway and a linky party. I just never though..."

creating and teaching: Adorable Badge Clip Giveaway!: "Here's something that has been in the back of mind forever to make and I've had the materials to do it just haven't gotten around to it. ID ..."

Third Grade Meanderings: Whoot Whoot GIVEAWAY TIME!: "I absolutely love this teacher-bloggy world of ours! I am inspired daily by everyone's ideas. To celebrate now having 300 wonderful follo..."

The Weekly Hive: 100 Followers = GIVEAWAY!!!: "Last week when I got on to blog about my classroom pictures I was so happy to see that I had met my 100 followers. Thanks to all my foll..."

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