Friday, July 8, 2011

My class theme! BEES

My class theme is bees! I am always on the hunt for more ideas and things to do-that is why I love blogging so I can take a peek inside other teacher's wonderful classrooms! Hopefully I can share some ideas as well! Here are some pictures of things I have to go along with my theme.

Each week I spotlight a student of the week. I call them our King or Queen Bee. Here is a picture of the chair covers I made to help them celebrate their reign!

I also bought some things from this website: Teacher Wood Crafts to go along with my theme. I love it all! If you are interested in getting some cute things for your classroom, go check it out and let her know Kelly Brown sent ya-so you can get 10% off your purchases!


  1. I blogged about you here:

  2. If you email me your address at I can send you your Target gift card. CONGRATS again on winning my giveaway!


  3. Your chair cover idea is fantastic! Would you mind sharing the pattern or steps you took to make those?? Thank you, and congrats on the new blog! :)

  4. Hi Rachel, did you get my reply I sent yesterday? Let me know!

  5. ADORABLE!!! I love the chair covers!!

    Mrs. Bee
    Bee's KinderGarden


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